Rapidly prototype and deliver products to market 3 times faster and more economical

Cellmobs is a software company that developed a ready for growth, all-in-one hosted platform solution for content driven, early-stage start-ups and innovators to design, manage and run demanding websites, apps and mobile channels.

We have streamlined every aspect of design and development to rapidly prototype and deliver products to market 3 times faster and at fraction of the cost.

Publishing Tools

Aggregate and publish content from anywhere into a coherent brand narrative faster then ever before. Curate and syndicate content to WordPress and common social networks.

Community Builder

Amplify your brand narrative with interactive, dynamic and hyper social media cards that enable completely new forms of communication, viral distribution and collaboration.

E-Commerce Suite

Shopping Cart, subscriptions and activity based rewards integrate with existing loyalty programs and extend rewards programs to affnity partners, and the point-of-sale.

Built-in Features to launch and grow your business


Large scale aggregation of content from anywhere (feeds & channels), contextualization of content into stories with defined transitions.


Content personalization, User-Generated Content UGC. Complete 2 way integration with all social media platforms.


Points & rewards system with built-in scarcity. Multi-platform messaging (email, SMS, push notifications, alerts)


Shopping Cart, Payment Transactions, Subscriptions. Geo-location fencing, check-in. Coupons, Loyalty Rewards.

On-demand/SaaS infrastructure

Scales to any size

Architecture built to auto-scale as usage and needs increases. Quicker, lower risk and more cost effective for both, providers and customers.

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