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Explore our guides and examples to bootstrap your project and integrate Cellmobs.

Getting started

Out Quick Start guide will walk you through the essential steps to set up your account, navigate the platform, and utilize its powerful features to create your first application.

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Setup and Adminstration

This documentation covers essential topics such as account setup, platform customization, feature configuration, and more, ensuring you have a solid foundation to build upon.

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Development Guide

Our development guide provides useful tips and walk throughs for common use cases. You'll gain an understanding of the platform's core capabilities and learn how to maximize its potential for your specific needs.

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Our API reference provides in-depth descriptions of available endpoints, parameters, request and response examples, as well as any necessary authentication details.

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Stay in the loop

Discover the full potential of Cellmobs by staying up-to-date with our insightful articles. Our experts continuously curate valuable content to help you harness the power of new features, cloud app integrations, and industry best practices.

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We understand that you may have queries or concerns regarding our platform, features, and capabilities. To help address these questions, we have compiled a list of common inquiries and their corresponding answers. If you need further assistance or have a question that isn't covered here, feel free to reach out to our support team for additional help.
Cellmobs is designed to support seamless integrations with popular storage and productivity platforms, enabling users to easily import or sync data between these services. Our platform is compatible with a wide range of industry-leading solutions, streamlining your workflow and enhancing collaboration. We are constantly working to expand our support for new integrations to offer even greater flexibility and functionality.

In addition, we are developing a plugin interface that will allow developers to submit new custom integrations, further extending the capabilities of our platform. This feature will empower developers to tailor the platform to their specific needs and leverage the tools and services that are most relevant to their projects. Stay tuned for updates on the release of our plugin interface and the exciting possibilities it will bring to the Cellmobs platform.
Cellmobs is continually working to enhance our platform and offer greater flexibility to our customers. We are excited to announce that later this year, we will be introducing the Bring Your Own (BYO) MongoDB feature. This option will allow you to utilize your own MongoDB instance with the Cellmobs platform, providing you with increased control over your data storage and management. By offering BYO MongoDB, we aim to cater to specific requirements and preferences while maintaining the robust functionality and ease of use that the Cellmobs platform is known for. Stay tuned for updates and the official launch of this feature in the coming months.
Cellmobs is proud to offer white-label solutions that allow customers to create a fully customized and branded version of our platform tailored to their specific needs. With our white-label offering, you can rebrand the platform and modify its appearance to align with your company's identity and values, providing a seamless user experience that feels uniquely yours.

Our white-label solutions are designed to help businesses stand out in the market and deliver a personalized experience to their target audience, all while leveraging the powerful features and capabilities of the Cellmobs platform. To learn more about our white-label options and how they can benefit your business, please contact our sales team for further information.
At Cellmobs, we maintain complete transparency in our pricing structure, with no hidden costs involved. You only pay for what you use, as detailed on our pricing page. All charges are based on actual usage, and certain costs, such as file and database storage, are averaged across the billing period. We strive to provide a fair and straightforward pricing model, allowing you to focus on building and scaling your application without worrying about unexpected expenses. For a comprehensive understanding of our pricing plans, please visit our pricing page or contact our support team for further assistance.
Yes, Cellmobs understands the unique requirements of enterprise customers and offers on-premises solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our Enterprise On-Prem solution provides enhanced security, control, and customization, allowing you to deploy and manage the Cellmobs platform within your organization's infrastructure. This ensures compliance with your internal policies and data protection regulations while still leveraging the powerful features and capabilities of the Cellmobs platform. For more information on our Enterprise On-Prem solution and how it can benefit your organization, please contact our sales team.
Cellmobs is committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and community engagement. As part of this commitment, we are actively working on making a portion of our platform open source. By opening up parts of our platform to the developer community, we aim to encourage collaboration, enhance the platform's capabilities, and accelerate the development of new features and integrations. This open-source initiative will enable developers to contribute to the platform's growth while also benefiting from the collective knowledge and expertise of the community. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and the upcoming release of our open-source components.
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