The freight forward marketplace

Shipz is a neutral bid-and-ship platform for mid-market shippers, providing forwarders with a safe space to stay in the ring. 

Many mid-sized companies do import and export, and want to work with forwarders, but they are limited by the current process. Meanwhile, forwarders are equally strained by the amount of “free” work they do, and by being treated like a bank.



Designed to disrupt an entrenched trillion dollar market sector, SHIPZ aims to be the turure of freight. Just like MailChimp made everyone into an email marketer, ClickFunnels taught them growth hacking, and Squarespace democratized website design. 


  • Entrepreneurs with a big idea and a limited budget

  • Time was of the essence

  • We had to get comfortable with a new vertical 

  • Goal to disrupt entrenched workflows

  • Multiple API integrations  



SHIPZ Shipment Detail




Cellmobs was quick to rise to the challenge and delivered an end to end platform with a comprehensive REST API where shippers and freight forwarders can directly engage and conduct their business. We developed a clean and straight forward shipment creation workflow and integrated best in class freight benchmarking data to provide instant freight estimates for Shippers as well as a robust quoting process for freight forwarders.  


  • Customized modern bootstrap theme

  • Simple sign-up process for shippers and providers

  • Next-gen Cellmobs 3.0 administration console

  • Support for subscription memberships 

  • Two payment integrations: PayCargo. and Stripe

  • Hubspot integration