Support and benefits your employees love

Cellmobs partnered with a startup called Perks, to develop an employee rewards marketplace that offers a unique approach for employers to support their team, allowing them to offer thousands of curated benefits & support tools to choose from.

Perks was founded in 2020, with the goal of providing a comprehensive employee benefits package that goes beyond traditional offerings like health insurance and retirement plans. The founders recognized that in today's competitive job market, companies need to differentiate themselves by providing unique benefits that cater to the diverse needs of their employees. Perks aimed to offer a solution that would allow employers to provide a broad range of benefits and support tools through a simple, easy-to-use platform.

Perks approached Cellmobs to help develop the responsive web application that would power their platform. They chose Cellmobs because of their expertise in developing complex web applications and their ability to work closely with startups to bring their vision to life. Cellmobs worked closely with the Perks team to understand their requirements and design an application that would meet their needs.

The first step in the development process was to define the features and functionality of the web application. Cellmobs and Perks worked together to create a detailed list of requirements that included everything from user profiles and authentication to payment processing, reward triggers, and message notifications. Once the requirements were finalized, Cellmobs started developing the fully responsive web application using their platform.

One of the biggest challenges in developing the Perks was integrating with third-party APIs and to develop a unique and modern design in a crowded business vertical. Perks wanted to offer thousands of curated benefits and support tools, which required integrating with multiple third-party APIs to access the data and to trigger performance based rewards. Cellmobs worked closely with the Perks team to ensure that the integrations were seamless and that the responsive web application provided a smooth user experience.

Another challenge was ensuring that the responsive web application was secure and could handle sensitive user data. Cellmobs implemented a number of security features, including encryption and secure authentication, to ensure that user data was protected at all times.

After several months of development, the Perks was ready for launch. The application was designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive, with a simple interface that allowed users to browse and select benefits and support tools with ease. The application also provided employers with a dashboard that allowed them to manage their employees' benefits and track usage.

Since its launch, the Perks responsive web application has been well received. Employers have praised the platform for its flexibility and the range of benefits it offers. Employees have appreciated the ability to choose benefits and support tools that cater to their specific needs. Perks has been able to differentiate itself in a crowded market by offering a unique approach to employee benefits that puts the employee at the center.

In conclusion, the partnership between Cellmobs and Perks has been a great success. Cellmobs was able to leverage their platform to develop a responsive web application that met the complex requirements of the Perks team. The Perks responsive web application has been a hit with both employers and employees, and has enabled Perks to establish itself as a fledgling leader in the employee benefits space.