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Monetize Your Video is a leading video marketplace platform that offers data-driven solutions and distribution strategies for Connected TV Content Providers. With an extensive industry experience, the team at takes pride in guiding content owners through the complexities of the OTT marketplace.

To support a vast content library across multiple content partners and help them manage and track the syndication of their content to popular VOD, AVOD, and FAST video platforms, turned to Cellmobs SaaS marketplace platform and API.Using the Cellmobs platform, was able to offer modular services to its content partners, ranging from self-serve asset management to white-label apps, SVOD/AVOD/FAST channel creation, analysis, packaging, delivery, and everything in between.


Cellmobs enabled to support a wide range of content types, including movies, TV shows, short-form videos, and live events. With the platform's sophisticated content management system, content owners can easily manage their content, including uploading, transcoding, and metadata tagging.


The platform also provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities that allow content owners to gain valuable insights into their content's performance across different platforms. This information enables them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their distribution strategies.

With the help of Cellmobs, was able to offer white-label apps to its content partners, providing them with a powerful tool to distribute their content to a wider audience. The platform also enabled to create SVOD/AVOD/FAST channels for its partners, helping them monetize their content and increase their revenue.

Overall, the Cellmobs SaaS marketplace platform and API have been a game-changer for, enabling them to offer cutting-edge services and solutions to their content partners. With Cellmobs, ushers in a new era of choice for video content owners, providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed in the rapidly-evolving OTT marketplace.