Discover The World Through Conversation

Dialogues was the first ever comprehensive interview discovery platform & database, and was looking to become the leading discovery platform for interviews and associated analytics world-wide.  Unfortunately content licensing issues forced the company to abandon its business model in 2020.

Dialogues was a conversational AI startup that built a unique interview discovery platform. The platform was designed to aggregate and analyze interviews and conversations from YouTube and other sources, enabling users to search, compare, and group conversations by person, topic, location, political affiliation, sentiment, and many other criteria. However, to accomplish this goal, Dialogues needed a reliable platform for aggregating content from over 100,000 video feeds and developing and maintaining an index of over 1 million conversations.

That's when Cellmobs entered the picture. Cellmobs's middleware platform helped Dialogues to collect, analyze and derive insights from unstructured data, such as video and audio content. The platform has been designed to integrate natural language processing and machine learning algorithms that can help organizations to identify patterns, extract insights, and automate decision-making processes.

After an initial consultation with Dialogues, Cellmobs understood the unique requirements of the project and began developing a customized solution. The first step was to identify and collect data from a wide range of sources, including YouTube, news websites, social media, and podcasts. To do this, Cellmobs used a combination of web scraping tools and APIs to automate the process of collecting data from each source.

Once the data had been collected, Cellmobs used its AI-powered platform to analyze and classify the conversations based on a wide range of criteria, including speaker, topic, sentiment, location, and political affiliation. The platform was also used to transcribe the conversations and extract keywords, which could be used to improve the accuracy of search results and enable more granular analysis of the data.

Dialogues was able to access the Cellmobs platform through a user-friendly API, which allowed the team to develop a range of search and analysis tools that could be integrated into the interview discovery platform. These tools included a keyword search, sentiment analysis, speaker comparison, and location-based filtering. Dialogues was also able to use the platform to build machine learning models that could identify patterns and trends in the data, enabling the team to derive deeper insights from the conversations.

In addition to the powerful backend platform that Cellmobs developed for Dialogues, the team also created a beautiful web application with several unique interfaces that enabled users to analyze conversations in a variety of ways.

One of the key features of the application was the ability to compare opinions of different speakers on a particular topic. For example, users could enter a search term related to a particular topic, such as climate change, and the application would return a list of conversations that contained that term. From there, users could select two or more speakers and compare their opinions side-by-side, using visualizations such as graphs and charts to highlight differences in opinion.

Another useful feature of the application was the ability to view speaker histories and their positions on different topics over time. This allowed users to track the evolution of a speaker's views on a particular topic, as well as see how their views compared to those of other speakers over time.

The application also featured powerful search and filtering tools, enabling users to narrow down conversations by a variety of criteria such as location, political affiliation, and sentiment. Users could create custom filters based on keywords or other criteria, making it easy to find conversations that were relevant to their particular interests.

Overall, the application developed by Cellmobs for Dialogues was highly intuitive and user-friendly, with a clean and modern interface that made it easy to explore conversations and derive insights from them. The combination of the powerful backend platform and the elegant front-end interface made it a highly effective tool for analyzing conversations and deriving insights from them.


Thanks to the Cellmobs platform, Dialogues was able to develop and launch the interview discovery platform from conception to MVP in less than 6 months. The platform had been well-received by users, who appreciate its ease of use and powerful search and analysis tools. The success of the project has demonstrated the value of conversational AI technology in helping organizations to derive insights from unstructured data and develop innovative new products and services.